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I couldn't tell you how many hours I've spent surfing traffic exchanges. I've surfed all kinds of exchanges in order to maximize the number of credits I earn per hour. I've surfed 1:1s and seen dismal delivery, I've sniffed out the most rewarding dynamic surfing sites, and I've even upgraded at some exchanges.

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All it takes is some software to maximize the speed with which you switch tabs. Your browser has a shortcut to make this quicker, but I found a way to make it even faster still!

Enter Quick Tab Change

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  • A super-simple idiot-proof interface
  • My brand new book, Super-Efficient Surfing
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This software is so powerful, that I have been called an idiot for giving it away, but I am not budging for now.

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"Smooth and Easy..."

I have been surfing traffic exchanges since early 2000. Jay Hines' Quick Tab Change is the first tool devised to make surfing traffic exchanges with a tabbed browser smooth and easy. A tool devised for the serious surfer. Way-to-Go Jay!

Tony Tezak

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I just started using the Quick Tab Change this morning and was totally amazed at the ease and speed of my surfing. No more clicking on the tabs allows me to completely focus on the websites and bonus pages.

Thank you so much for sharing this terrific surfing tool. I love it and will use it always.

Marlise L. Harlow

Okay, But You Certainly Can't Be Giving This All Away for Free... Right?

WRONG! You need this tool and those resources if you want to be succesful with the traffic exchanges. Let's face it. It's hard enough to get any good advice and software that leads to actual traffic exchange results for free, but I want to be bold. I'm pinching myself pretty hard here... But I'm staying bold, for you!

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